Preventing Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace
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Are you confident your New York State sexual harassment prevention training is fully compliant?

Sexual harassment can be a significant legal issue and employers need to do all they can to protect themselves, their employees, and their reputation. One of the best ways to comply with the latest New York State requirements on sexual harassment prevention training is straight from our attorneys who are up to date on current New York State requirements, as well as experienced in dealing with sexual harassment claims and employer defense.

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Preventing Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace 

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About HSE Institute

Harter Secrest & Emery is committed to providing legal education and training for our clients and the business and non-profit communities by participating in speaking engagements and hosting webinars, seminars, conferences and more. Our exclusive HSE Institute programs are presented by our firm and feature our highly skilled and dynamic legal professionals.

What Sets Us Apart?

Based on Practical Experience

With our decades of experience, our attorneys deliver all the information required to exceed the state’s latest regulations and ensure compliance in an easy-to-understand format, with best practices, practical advice, and scenarios from real cases.

Cost Effective
Convenient and Cost-Effective

HSE’s Preventing Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace training delivers all the essentials on prevention, including an overview of the laws, rights and responsibilities, hostile environments, retaliation, and more, accessible through a web browser on a computer or mobile device. The webinar-style presentation is reviewed regularly and updated with the latest laws and regulations. Our annual, flat-fee cost structure provides employers with 12 months of unlimited access to all the tools to administer annual training, including the training presentation, related forms, and Q&As to meet the state’s interactive requirement.

Created to Help Improve Your Workplace

In addition to exceeding New York State’s model training minimum standards, HSE’s Preventing Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace presentation was developed with the goal of helping employers create a safer workplace that rejects harassment and promotes a culture of respect, inclusion, and dignity.

New York State Training Requirements
  • Employees must be trained annually, based on the calendar year, the anniversary of each employee’s start date, or any other date the employer chooses.
  • New employees should complete training “as soon as possible.”
  • Training must be provided to all employees who work, or will work, in New York, including non-exempt employees, part-time workers, seasonal workers, and temporary workers.
  • Training must be “interactive.”